SUPA MODERN Cooling Adjustable Camping Pillow Travel Pillow -Small Camping Pillow for Sleeping with Storage Bag-Luxury Memory Foam Camping Pillow


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The Super Modern brand was born from a love story.


who are we?

At Super Modern, we sincerely believe that everyone deserves a better life. our goal is to provide everyone with a series of stylish but practical budget-friendly household items by providing a quality brand. Our product range includes family organization and outdoor recreation. Since 2012, we have provided services to more than 10 million households worldwide and have become one of the most popular online home furnishing sellers.


Sam’s wife was troubled by the high temperature in summer and could not sleep comfortably, so Sam began to study some cool pillows, which can make his wife enjoy the night more comfortably .

Sam designed a cool pillow, which is a combination of bamboo fiber fabric on one side and cool fabric on the other side. Such pillows not only solve her wife’s sleep problem, but also set a new standard for the crushed sponge cool pillow industry.

How did we get our start?

We start with office supplies and help our friends find the most suitable product category for their lifestyle. As workers, we can’t think of a better product than matching them with a cool pillow, comfortable cushion.

What makes our products unique?

By understanding your family and the way of your life and work, we can match the right varieties to ensure the best for you and your family .

Why do we love what we do?

It’s a wonderful feeling to see us match our products to the comfort of our users successfully, and we never tire of it.

Memory Foam Series

Bed Pillows Series

Home Textiles Series



[ FLUFFY ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOR YOUR COMFORT ] SUPA MODERN is a fast growing US brand who is engaged in designing & producing best bed pillows for sleeping. We have 3 core shredded memory foam pillow design patents. This gel pillow can be adjusted freely by yourself, providing personalized support to your head, neck and shoulders, relieving pain and enhancing your sleep. There is a zipper on the side of bed pillow. You can open it and remove fillings through it.
[ LUXURY COOLING camping PILLOW ] The premium material enables your King sleeping pillow to be ultra soft. Sleeping on this cooling bed pillow, just like sleeping on the cloud. So soft, so comfortable. Natural white. The cover is removable and machine washable in cold water.
[ BEST GEL BED PILLOW FOR SLEEPING–RELIEVING PAIN ] Gel infused memory foam pillow. A wonderful balance between firm and soft. Supportive as well as comfortable sleeping bed pillow. Best queen size sleeping pillow for you to relieve your pain of head, neck ,shoulder and body. NEVER BE FLAT!
[ 3D BREATHFUL DESIGN–ENHANCING YOUR SLEEPING QUALITY ] There are hundreds of 3D small parts on the pillow case, which can smartly divide the force from your head and neck to many different directions and to hundred parts. So the sleeping pillows can fit your body curve perfectly and providing you with the most comfortable support. Your head, neck and body will be in a right line. Then, Your breath will be more smooth and your sleeping quality will be 19.8% to 59.54% improved.
[ PERFECT GIFTS TO FRIENDS AND FAMILIES ] PERFECT Christmas gift, birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift to friends and families. Improving sleeping quality, you should choose professional adjustable pillow. We will help you to gain better sleep and best service. BEST ADJUSTABLE SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!
[Travel pillow with a warm side and a cool side] Customize your sleep experience for any weather—on cold nights, sleep on the cozy microfiber side; on warm nights, sleep on the cooling, smooth micro-ripstop nylon side
[JUST LIKE SLEEP AT HOME] The best sleep systems for backpacking and camping include a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and a pillow that mimic your bed at home as closely as possible.Comfy & affordable pillow for camping & backpacking.
[Comfortable, inexpensive, soft, cooling side & warm side, durable travel pillow] supportive, quality materials, machine washable PILLOW COVER.

SUPA MODERN Cooling Adjustable Camping Pillow Travel Pillow -Small Camping Pillow for Sleeping with Storage Bag-Luxury Memory Foam Camping Pillow
SUPA MODERN Cooling Adjustable Camping Pillow Travel Pillow -Small Camping Pillow for Sleeping with Storage Bag-Luxury Memory Foam Camping Pillow

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