CKK Wireless Security Camera System,8 Channel 5MP NVR with 1TB Hard Drive, 4pcs 5.0 Megapixel (2560 × 1920) WiFi IP Security Surveillance Cameras Outdoor Indoor,2 Way Audio,Remote View,H.265+ NVR


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CKK Wireless Security Camera System,8 Channel 5MP NVR with 1TB Hard Drive, 4pcs 5.0 Megapixel (2560 × 1920) WiFi IP Security Surveillance Cameras Outdoor Indoor,2 Way Audio,Remote View,H.265+ NVR
Price: $279.99
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Product Description

wireless security camera systemwireless security camera system

CKK 5MP Surveillance Camera Systems – (Model : W1108-4xC101-1TB)

Read Before Purchase:

You need to power the cameras and NVR with power adaptersMetal buildings and Cement wall will heavily block the wifi signal between the cameras and NVR Please set a password for your system when you use it for the first time

Package content:

· 1 x 1TB Hard Drive(Preinstalled in NVR)

· 4 x 5MP IR LEDs Audio IP Cameras and Accessories bags

· 1 x 8CH H.265+ Wireless Network Video Recorder(Wireless NVR)

· 1 x Mouse / User Manual /Network Cable

· 1 x 3 Feet Power Cable for NVR (Input: 100-240VAC 50/60GHz ,Output: 12V-2000mA)

· 4 x 9.8 Feet Power Cables for Security Cameras (Input: 100-240VAC 50/60GHz ,Output: 12V-1000mA)

· 2 x Warning stickers



CKK is a global provider of wireless security systems. You can enjoy professional security camera system and service here!

We offer wireless security camera system, battery camera with solar panel, all kinds of ptz cameras, meet your various needs.

Thanks for your support and hope you can enjoy our system and service !

Expenable 5MP HD Wireless Security Camera System

We creat peace of mind when you’re away from your home


Resolution: 5.0MP(2560 × 1920)

Video Compression: H.265+

Hard Drive: 1TB HDD Pre-installed

Viewing Angle: 90°

Infrared Distance: 130FT

Weatherproof: IP66 rated

Video Outputs: Monitor or HDTV Via VGA, HDMI

Remote Access: iPhone/Android Phone, PC/Laptop

5mp wireless security camera system5mp wireless security camera system

Common main problems of CKK security camera system

Q: Can the CKK wireless security camera system be used without connecting any power cords?

A: Wireless ≠ no power cord required. The wireless camera system means that the camera and the video recorder do not need to be connected via a power cord. But it does not mean that the product does not need to be connected to a power cord. Cameras and video recorders still need to be connected to a power source to be used.

Q: Is the alarm of the CKK wireless security camera system accurate?

A: Our camera has AI human body detection function. Compared with motion detection, this security system has a higher detection accuracy. If you need a high alarm accuracy, you can purchase special alarm equipment.

Q: I want to extend the cable between the camera and the power adapter. How many power extension cords are there?

A: You can search for related products on Amazon, ASIN: B0925Z9R4J (3 m), ASIN: B0915LMMSW (10 m).

Q:The NVR has already installed the hard disk, so there is no need to install the memory card in the camera?

A: You can choose to install a memory card. If the NVR is stolen, the memory card still saves the video multiple times.

Q: The CKK security camera system is a PTZ camera, Can only it be panned and tilted, but can’t zoom?

A: Our camera is not a zoom lens (optical zoom), it is a fixed lens (digital zoom).

Q: Does the CKK camera security system app have advertisements?

A: You can use two apps, “EseeCloud” and “CKK”. None of them will have advertisements. Recommend to use “CKK” APP. You can search and download in google play or APP store.

Q: The CKK security cameras wireless outdoor cannot track automatically

A: Our camera is an economical PTZ camera, which can only be controlled manually and does not support automatic tracking of moving objects.

Q: This CKK wireless cameras for home security how to make Floodlight work at night?

A: This function is turned on by default, and the white light will turn on when the alarm is triggered at night. If you want to turn off this function: move the mouse to this camera, click the left button of the mouse, a pop-up menu, click the Light icon, enter the setting light mode interface, and select “infrared” for Ircut mode

Q: How to use the audible alarm ?

A: This function is turned off by default, and you can turn it on if you need it: Click system setup—channel setup—video detection on the NVR, select the channel that needs to be set, and check the “IPC siren” option. When the camera detects an alarm, it will sound an alarm.

Q: Can the CKK security camera system set the camera to automatically cruise?

A: You can set the camera to automatically cruise.

(1) Move the mouse to the camera, click the left mouse button, a shortcut menu will pop up at the bottom of the channel, click the “”PTZ”” icon to set Preset

(2) Click system setup—channel setup—PTZ setup to set Tour position

(3) Return to the interface of step (1), click “”Tour start””, and the camera will rotate according to the set trajectory.

NOTE: It will stop automatically after 4 hours”



wireless connection

wireless connection

IP66 Waterproof

IP66 Waterproof

Wireless & Wired connection

Don’t worry when wifi singal can not be covered, this system could support both Wireless and Wired connection.

Wireless connection: Easy to setup,no need wires anymore,no exposed lines anymore,more beautiful,more hidden,more safely.

Wired connection : The cameras could be connected to the Router with Ethernet cable, and then connect the router to the NVR.

Auto-pair, Actual Plug N Play

All the cameras have been pre-matched to the NVR prior to shipping. No need to run video cable, Actual Plug and Play, Just need to connect the NVR and IP cameras with Power Supply. (Notice: Cameras are not Battery-Powered) The WiFi module was build-in the cameras and the NVR, which helps to directly transmit the wireless signal between NVR and cameras and realize DIY install the whole system in a few minutes without processional skill.No cables run between Cameras and NVR

IP66 Waterproof- Your Eyes Outdoor

For the ultimate in protection, the kit includes 4 all-weather IP66 rated weatherproof cameras, enables the camera to withstand 10 years of wind and rain erosion.

You can install it anywhere you want, perfect outdoor indoor Security Surveillance solution for Home, Office, Shop, Warehouse etc.

2 way audio wireless security camera system2 way audio wireless security camera system

motion detection

motion detection





Customizable Motion detection Area

Whatever suspected motion happens in your house can be detected immediately by our camera.When activity is detected by any of the cameras to let you see exactly what happened, an immediate alarming email will be sent to your inbox, You’ll always be the first to know when things happened, so that effective measures can be taken before it is too late.

Advanced H.265+ Video Compression

Efficient and cutting-edge compression technology, H.265+ considerably improves compression efficiency without sacrificing video quality,allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording up to 7x longer than H.264 on normal conditions and provides higher quality network video and image details

24/7 Recording Mode

CKK Wireless Security System comes with 1tb hard drive, supports 24/7 continuous and cycle recording,it will overwrite automatically once memory is full,besides, it also supports motion detection recording which allows you to save space on the hard drive.

You can download the recording files for the USB backup.

【Smooth 2-Way Audio】CKK Wireless Camera System comes with built-in Microphone and Speaker, allows you to listen and talk back to interact with people with the “CKK” APP Even on the other side of the globe. The front microphone captures clearer audio than the rear microphone. the audio range up to 19.2ft.
【Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive】1TB Included in CKK wifi security camera system support 24 hours More than 45 days reliable video recording. The video encoding standard is h265, which effectively controls the video stream and reduces the video bit rate. Compared with h264, it can bring a smoother viewing experience and save more than half of the hard drive space.
【Motion Detection Alarm & Email Alert】 When motion is detected, the smart notification of the snapshot alert will be pushed to your smartphone via email or iPhone / Android app. You can customize inspection plans and areas for each camera to avoid receiving unnecessary alert messages. You can also set up three modes of record plan. ( Time Recording / Motion Recording / Alarm Recording )
【Warranty】We offer 1-Year warranty for any defective parts, 45 Days Free Return and Lifetime Tech-support ! Hope you enjoy this wireless system. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

CKK Wireless Security Camera System,8 Channel 5MP NVR with 1TB Hard Drive, 4pcs 5.0 Megapixel (2560 × 1920) WiFi IP Security Surveillance Cameras Outdoor Indoor,2 Way Audio,Remote View,H.265+ NVR
CKK Wireless Security Camera System,8 Channel 5MP NVR with 1TB Hard Drive, 4pcs 5.0 Megapixel (2560 × 1920) WiFi IP Security Surveillance Cameras Outdoor Indoor,2 Way Audio,Remote View,H.265+ NVR

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