Pixicade Transform Creative Drawings to Animated Playable Kids Games On Your Mobile Device- Build 1600 Video Games- Gifts for 10 Year Old Girl, Boys- Award Winning STEM Toys for Ages 6 – 12+


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Pixicade Transform Creative Drawings to Animated Playable Kids Games On Your Mobile Device- Build 1600 Video Games- Gifts for 10 Year Old Girl, Boys- Award Winning STEM Toys for Ages 6 – 12+
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Product Description


The Magical Creation of the Pixicade

The story of Pixicade begins with a technical computer programmer (Martin) falling in love with a dynamic high school art teacher (Alysha). They got married, had children, and enjoyed dancing their way through life and programming games together.

Then on one very special day, Martin had dinner with a friend who showed him a game his son drew. This sparked the idea for Martin to create a sophisticated program to turn drawings into playable video games. The momentum, excitement, and success grew into a full-time passion business!

Harness the Power of Color to Create!

In your Pixicade Video Game Creator, each color represents an important function in your game design.

Green— Use this color to draw your avatar/ character in the game (animals, people, objects)

Black— Use this color to draw walls, floors, and any other solid structures in your game

Blue— Use this color to draw the goal of your game (money, points, coins, etc)

Red— Use this color to draw the hazards in your game (fire, bullets, poison apples, etc)

Purple— Use this color to draw the moveable pieces of your game (wheels, platforms, shapes, etc.)

Draw Snap & Play!

Pixicade BoxPixicade Box


Pixicade Mobile Game Maker sets a new standard in both entertainment and learning.

There is an appeal for a wide spectrum of interests: kids that love drawing, kids that love video games, kids that like solving puzzles…they all are amazed at seeing their creations come to life! Parents love it because kids will actually put down their phones or tablets and pick up markers and paper. Kids love it because they can draw their own games, share them with their friends, and play them on their phone or tablet. Pixicade stores up to 800 games that you create.

The only thing more impressive than how innovative Pixicade is would be how extremely easy it is to use. Kids get to draw a picture of an idea for a video game using colored markers and real paper. Then, using the Pixicade app available for iOS and android, all that is needed is to snap a pic of the piece of paper! From there, the image is brought to life as an actual video game that can be played on a phone or tablet! The app only requires a camera and an internet connection. (iOS 9.0 and up, android 6.0 and up)

The ultimate “wow” factor for hands-on fun, Pixicade was created by a high school art teacher who saw imagination and creativity in students decreasing. There is an educator’s device subscription specifically made for the classroom. Pixicade is also a STEM.org authenticated educational product.

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker is unlike anything else on the market, and sure to get your kids’ imaginations working in new ways while keeping them engaged the whole time.

Fun Summer Activity for Smart Brain Development!



Do you want to keep your child’s brain active and engaged over the summer break? Join thousands of happy moms that are turning screen-time into fun, learning time! Pixicade teaches your child to think outside the box to develop creative video game ideas and solutions. Kids gain greater confidence and fulfillment while creating with their unique imagination!

A Few Reasons You Will Love Pixicade:

Fun and Educational Toy for Kids and AdultsTurns Screen Time into Creative TimeBuilds Pre-Coding SkillsTeaches Art and Engineering AbilitiesDevelops Strategy, Problem Solving, and LogicAnyone can Create a Unique and Fun GameEasy for Kids of All Ages to PlayEndless Design PossibilitiesGreat Gift Idea

***Disclaimer: 2019 Gold Award Recipient Mom’s Choice Awards, 2019 Tillywig Award Winner for Best Creative Fun, STEM.org authenticated product, 2019 The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, 2021 Newsweek Best in Stem

Family FunFamily Fun

The Perfect Gift For Your Child!

2 Player2 Player

Kids can create amazing games that they will be excited to Share and Challenge with their friends. With Pixicade you are able to Share and Play your games, as well as each others, all within the App!

Share Your Games Across The Pixicade Platform as well as Play games that others have created! Stump your Friends with up to 800 of your own creations! (More space available with purchase). Test Your Skills! Who will be the Reigning Champion?

The Perfect Gift For Your Child!

There is Nothing More Rewarding than Watching Your Kids Unlock Their Own Potential While Learning and Having Fun

When your child sits down with the Pixicade, you will see their creativity flowing as they create and play their own uniquely made game. Kids and Parents have a blast creating custom avatars or characters that are on a mission to obtain their objective. This Easy-To-Use Toy will turn Family Game Night into a success!

The only challenging part as a parent is not spending too much time with it yourself!

Reinforces Good Habits of Problem Solving. Quality Family Time Testing and Conquering Each Others Games. Enough Fun for ALL Ages!

Design Books

Design Books



snap draw play

snap draw play

pixicase app with codes

pixicase app with codes

3 Game Design Guide Books

3 Activity Books covering 50 Game Design Concepts, 30 Instructional Activities and over 100 example games.

High-Quality Washable Markers

The different colored markers represent different actions/avatars. So the app is instantly able to translate the intended actions and turn a drawing into a live video game. Green represents your avatar (or character), red represents hazards, purple represents objects that can move, black is solid ground walls or floors, and blue represents the goals. See product photographs or video for example that illustrates the game.

Instructions/Quick Start Guide

Instruction and Quick Start Guides are included for you convenience. Jump right in and Enjoy!

Pixicade App with 2 QR Codes

The Pixicade App is a creative playground full of content you can share or even play users games. The versatile App allows users to have parental controls, as well as other features to create the optimal experience. Just Snap a picture of the QR Code to unlock the ability to create 800 games!

Draw Snap PlayDraw Snap Play


Proudly Share your Creations Online with Friends and Family!

Show off your brilliant game creation skills! If you are over 13 years old, then you can share a link to your amazing game with friends and family to play on any web browser — even if they don’t have the app!

Create Your Own Unique Game in Just 15 Seconds…

Just like magic, the Smart Pixicade technology allows you to transform your drawing into a playable video game within just 30 seconds. It is easy and fulfilling to see your unique creations come to life quickly with the press of a button. Kids love making their creative stories and ideas become more “real.” They feel empowered knowing they are smart and resourceful to successfully create games all on their own!

🍎 #1 FUN LEARNING TOY TURNS DRAWINGS INTO VIDEO GAMES— Kids and teens use colored markers and paper to turn hand-drawn concepts into instantly playable video games! This game does not fit into any existing toy category and the only limitation on Pixicade is your imagination!
🍎 BEST GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS AND TEENS— If you are looking for a favorite gift for boys and girls ages 6 – 13+, then you have found the ultimate toy for birthday parties, Christmas, and reward incentives! It includes 5 washable markers, one sketch pad, and two interactive books that teach kids game design concepts, and provide a lot examples to keep kids drawing! Create 3,600 Games with 7 game types!
🍎 SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE AND EASY-TO-USE! Simply draw your game on paper, snap a pic of it, and then play an animated version on your phone or tablet! Create your own character, build obstacles for them to overcome, and design the goal for how to win the game! This is a game you will feel good having your kids play for hours at a time!
🍎 EDUCATIONAL STEM GAME FOR HOME & CLASSROOM! Make your teaching moments more fun and memorable using art, engineering, story, creativity, and playing video games! For example, you could have your child make a game based on their favorite book. Or create a math game based on what they are currently learning in math. Interactive learning is far more effective than any other teaching method! Education should be fun!

Pixicade Transform Creative Drawings to Animated Playable Kids Games On Your Mobile Device- Build 1600 Video Games- Gifts for 10 Year Old Girl, Boys- Award Winning STEM Toys for Ages 6 – 12+
Pixicade Transform Creative Drawings to Animated Playable Kids Games On Your Mobile Device- Build 1600 Video Games- Gifts for 10 Year Old Girl, Boys- Award Winning STEM Toys for Ages 6 – 12+


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