Electric Composter, 1-Gallon Largest Smart Waste Compost Bin Kitchen, Turn Waste into Natural Fertilizer, Food Cycler Odorless, Double Carbon Filter, Kitchen Composter Energy Efficient


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Product Description

electric compost machine

A soil conditioner

On call 24 hours a day

compost bin kitchen reduces carbon footprint through resource recycling for household waste

electric compost bin kitchen

Finish composting quickly

4 hours to degrade food waste

Up to 62 tons of waste a year across the region is reduced by 90% with KEEPEEZ Kitchen composter

electric composter

Conservation of Resources

0.11 kW/h Power Consumption

The Kitchen Composter consume only 0.11 kW/h per operation, saving $20 per use and $7,300 per year.

1 Easy to Use 2 Reduce by 90% 3 Fast Composting

Exquisite appearance and unique material composter bincomposter bin

KEEPEEZ electric composter is made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, the electric composter is designed in a compact size (13.5*14.5*20 inches), easy to store, can hold 5-6 days of food waste.

4-8 Hours Quick Compost

Easily transform kitchen waste into compost for plants. Reduce waste and create organic fertilizer effortlessly. Come with KEEPEEZ efficient kitchen waste composter for a greener and sustainable future!

Easy to Clean

The compost bin kitchen comes with self-cleaning function. The bucket is equipped with a dishwasher-safe, non-stick coating that makes cleaning a breeze. The container is covered with a high-temperature resistant PTFE coating, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

Turn Waste into Compost

The ultimate solution for efficient kitchen waste disposal. Our innovative kitchen waste composter can effortlessly handle six types of waste: fruits and vegetables, yard waste, small animal products, degraded paper, coffee grounds, and bread and grain.

BioFilter- Keep Odor Away

The installation of BioFilter for kitchen waste composter is simple. Pour the activated Carbon into the BioFilter provided. The purpose of the BioFilter is to eliminate odors from kitchen waste. This BioFilter will effectively remove unpleasant odors caused by kitchen waste, providing a fresh and clean environment.

4L Large Compost Bin Kitchen with Activated Charcoal Design to Eliminate Odours electric kitchen compost binelectric kitchen compost bin

Fruits and vegetables, Bread and grain products, Animal products, Yard waste, couldy food, coffee grounds, etc. can all be thrown into the KEEPEEZ Electric composter, and eventually converted into a soil conditioner. Converted into a soil conditioner

3 Models – Cultivating Home Organic Gardens & Greenery for a Green and Lush Home smart compost machinesmart compost machine

Kitchen Compost Bin have a compost conversion rate of up to 90%. Electric Composter produce highly nutritious fertilizer can improve soil health and soil moisture content, KEEPEEZ Kitchen Composter reduce the need for expensive synthetic fertilizers and pesticides,create an organic green garden.

♻️【$20 A Year & 500W Smart Electric Composter & Carbon Emission Reduction Rate of up to 143%】500W compost bin kitchen convert food scraps into plant fertilizer, realize carbon cycle through high temperature drying, grinding and cooling, complete composting in 4-8 hours, only cost $20 a year. Compared to disposing of your waste in a landfill, using KEEPEEZ electric composter kitchen counter can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 143%.
♻️【4L Large Composter Indoor Electric & 3 Activeted Carbon Filters】KEEPEEZ Electric Composter is the largest electric composter for kitchen. 4L bucket volume holds a family’s food waste, dispose of all the day’s waste in one go. Upgraded activated charcoal system consisting of 1 removable charcoal box and 2 built-in charcoal boxes, has a stronger adsorption effect, quickly adsorbs odors, to keep the indoor air clear, easy to solve the food odor problem, avoid breeding mosquitoes and insects.
♻️【90% Waste Reduction Volume & 83% increase in grinding efficiency for thick aluminum blades】Electric composter convert the food waste into nutritious soil conditioners quickly and efficiently, producing natural fertilizer for garden construction and green plant cultivation, volume of waste reduced by 90%. Trinity thick aluminum blades are as sharp as a shark’s teeth. Push food waste into the blades,hard foods can be easily churned.pulverizing is 83% more efficient,save families $7,300 per year
♻️【Easy to Use & Self-Cleaning】The smart compost machine comes with one-button operation, you can compost several different types of waste at the same time with a press, there’s no need to pay high waste disposal fees and no need to go out to dispose of your rubbish, composting is possible even in winter! The electric composter bucket is made of cast aluminum, which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, the self-cleaning function frees up your hands, you don’t have to worry about cleaning.
♻️【3 Years Extra Long Warranty &100% Quality Inspection】KEEPEEZ compost bins kitchen are shipped through 36 quality control processes with a 1-year basic warranty and 2 additional years of hassle-free warranty. You can get a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase for any reason. Our friendly and responsible customer service team will provide professional technical support 24/7.

Electric Composter, 1-Gallon Largest Smart Waste Compost Bin Kitchen, Turn Waste into Natural Fertilizer, Food Cycler Odorless, Double Carbon Filter, Kitchen Composter Energy Efficient
Electric Composter, 1-Gallon Largest Smart Waste Compost Bin Kitchen, Turn Waste into Natural Fertilizer, Food Cycler Odorless, Double Carbon Filter, Kitchen Composter Energy Efficient


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