Paramexview® Portable Blender for Juices & Smoothies with 6 blades USB rechargeable 14oz Fusion Blender BPA-free and eco-friendly material


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Product Description


Logo Logo Paramexview Mission Statement

Paramexview was founded in 2020 with the goal to launch products englobing both sustainability and creativity. We design and refine products with simplicity and style but keeping in mind how important it can be to sustain bottles for the climate change. Our firm always uses high-end materials to create a unique product experience. This blender is a mix of technology and effectiveness in a portable version. We include USB cable to recharge the mixer and a lid to use the cup as a portable.

Personal Mini Portable Blender and Juice-maker


First of out generation, Paramexview Personal Mini Portable Blender and Juice-maker is meant to provide you with the most comfortable and efficient experience. When making the juice, this blender excels at making your juices fast and smooth within only 9 seconds. This blender is an high tech interactive machine with high speed motor , capable of producing up to 10 cups of freshly squeezed drinks when the battery is fully charged.

Personal Mini Eletric Blender Juicer & Smoothies Maker with 6 Blades


Paramexview Portable Mini Blander Characteristics and Futures




Perfect for outdoor activities

Portable Mini Blender USB Rechargeable is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities. Due to its portability and size, it make it easy to add more value to your space/efficiency when you enjoy your activities outdoor.

Powerful and effective with 6-3 blades for smoothness

With a 21000 rpm motor, this Potable Mini Blender is equipped with 6-3 blades which enable you to decide which smoothness you prefer for your drinks. Easy to adjust, it takes just a few seconds, 9, to create and drink a perfect fresh and enjoyable smoothie.

Mixes fruits and smoothies to make your brings extremely enjoyable

Bottle-like material PCTG food graded material, makes your smoothies and juices valuable for what you pay in. We strive to design our Portable Mini Blender Juices & Smoothie maker interchangeable for many uses from sport, relaxing time, work day, family moments.






This Portable Mini Blenders are mainly composed of Stainless Steal and Plastic cup as well as plastic lead. The sealing point between the machine and the cup is made of silicon, which ensures your bring doesn’t spiel while mixing the compose

USB Rechargable

Portable Mini Blender USB Rechargeable in most of the environment where a plug is located. This Portable Blender can also be charged with any USB cable you typically use to recharge your IPad and IPhone

Sharing moments

Purchasing a Portable mini Blender is a good way begin sharing moment outdoor and with friends. Thanks to its simple set and structure, this blender for shakes makes it easy to make drinks and smoothies

Easy to Handle Personal Blender

The cup measures the ability to define this blender portable. Personal Mini Blender should fit in your handbag or backpack and make it convenient for your to choose our product.

How to use a Paramexiew Portable Mini Blender Juicer & Smoothies maker

Process Process

Steps to use Paramexview Portable Mini Blender


Cleaning process

The above steps show how to enact a convenient cleaning in two steps:

1. Put some water in the cup and screw the main unit tightly

2. Double click to start, automatically. clean every corner, save worry and clean

3. You will have a clean cup, ready to be used for the next smoothies and juices

We recommend the cleaning to be processes in two main wait:

1. Hand-wash

2. Dish-washer

You can use dishwasher and hand wash soap in the cleaning process


PARAMEXVIEW PERSONAL PORTABLE WIRELESS JUICER-MAKER AND MIXER: this mini portable blander is a 14oz, made to create perfect juices and mix simpler beverages. This set is meant to be portable, and it’s composed of a mixer, cup, and sport lid. Easy to handle and use, this mixer is a bottom power machine.
HIGHLY SAFE: in line with our product, this Portable Blender does not contain BPA and uses eco-friendly materials. This model is interactive and uses light and safety design giving a duplicate protection and make you feel safe while enjoying your juice.
USES AND FOOD: this blender can mix fruits and simpler foods such as apples, grapes, watermelon, bananas, pomegranate, and snakes
USB RECHARGABLE: this blender is equipped with a 1200mAh Battery rechargeable in 3-4 hours. The capacity of the juicer is to product 8-10 cups of freshly squeezed juices for every full battery charge. Additionally, this set is equipped with a USB cable which allows our clients to recharge the blender in different charging stations such as cars, computers, mobile phones, and power banks. The button is red when charging and becomes blue when charged.
POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE: this juicer is equipped with 6 304 leaf steel knives for safe food contact, squeezes taste buds, multiangle gyratory cutting fresh fruit to produce juice quickly. Additionally, this blender is equipped with a 21000 RPM motor high horsepower instantly breaking the ice and the food you are mixing. It is 9 seconds freshly squeezed delicate core power juicer, which guarantees not only a high-quality product but a reduced processing time.

Paramexview® Portable Blender for Juices & Smoothies with 6 blades USB rechargeable 14oz Fusion Blender BPA-free and eco-friendly material
Paramexview® Portable Blender for Juices & Smoothies with 6 blades USB rechargeable 14oz Fusion Blender BPA-free and eco-friendly material

$12.49 - Products and Accessories
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